Building a Better Future


  • My construction plans include wood trusses, can I change them to metal?  Yes, you can, and we can help, even if the plans are approved, we can submit a revision.

  • Do you provide truss plans? Yes, we do sign, sealed and ready for approval.

  • Are the metal trusses installation more difficult that the wood trusses? Definitely no, they just need to be handled more carefully.

  • What are the advantages of metal trusses vs wood trusses?


              1.  Metal trusses are lighter yet more resistant.

              2. Metal trusses are termite resistant.

              3. They are also fire retardant and mold resistant

  • What about the pod’s finishes: Plumbing, lighting fixtures and all the finishes can be customized to your specifications, we use the same materials than traditional construction does, so the look and feel of our products is never compromised.


  • Are the pods limited to a particular size & shape: bathroom pods can come in various shapes and sizes, but to facilitate manufacturing, transportation and installation, certain criteria can be recommended.



  • Do all the pods have to be the same design? Standardization helps, to have common elements on your design is another way to optimize costs and fabrication.


  • What about the pod`s Installation? The pods can be installed over your concrete slab, but also over a any elevated type of foundation (wood or steel joists for example). Our products are designed to causes the least possible number of penetrations on a concrete slab.

  • Are the pod`s walls thicker? our walls same size as any other wall, there is no space wasted, the interior is finished, and the exterior are left expose allowing to finish it seamless with the other walls.

  • Tell more about the electrical & plumbing system on Pods: standard connections for both are provided, for plumbing cold water, hot water and discharging pipes. For electrical two points that are connected to beakers panel.

  • What about fire sprinklers (commercial structures) when needed must be installed by other trades (licensing issues), but all service holes and penetrations are part of our design. So, it comes “ready to install”

  • Ventilation on pods, tell me more: space for A/C ducts and or ventilation ducts is provided on the pods ceiling. mechanical connection work is simple.